Post-Graduate Diplomas

What to do when your education needs more

Have you already received a degree from a university? What about a college diploma? Increasingly, students are finding that sometimes one degree or diploma isn't enough for their career. If that's the case, you might consider getting a post-graduate diploma.

Post-graduate diplomas are programs that are specialized to educate students who have already been through the educational process. These students might already have a generalized degree. For example, a student with a science degree might consider going to school for a nursing or medical assistant post-graduate diploma. Post-graduate degrees are often very short, only a year or two, and incorporate intensive education by people who have worked in the industry and, normally, a co-op or internship that students must complete in order to achieve the diploma.

The diplomas can also be an addition to a degree obtained at a university – some universities, notably Thompson Rivers University; will offer post-baccalaureate diplomas as an addition to a non-business degree. These types of diplomas will offer an edge to students with a generalized degree. For example, someone can obtain an accounting or business diploma to give them more experience and education for a business career.

Sometimes, a college will offer a post-graduate diploma that is an extension of another program. For example, you could complete a medical assistant diploma and then go on to physical therapy, a program that would give you contacts in the industry and specialized training so that you can get a job immediately after graduation. Do your research with these and make sure that the school you want to go to has accreditation and that the program, if online, is recognized by employers and other colleges.

A post-graduate diploma is typically a Canadian or European institution; if you're in one of these countries, you can add to your degree by completing a few semesters in the career diploma of your choice. If you live in North America, why not consider turning your diploma into a degree, or adding to it by obtaining specialized education? There are many ways to add to your education, and the more specialization you have, the closer you are to getting the job you want in the career you dream of.