Criminal Justice and Law Trades

Careers that enhance public safety and security

Criminal justice and law is a huge industry employing dedicated individuals who ensure safety, uphold laws and deal with the criminals who break them.

Jobs in these fields can range from court reporters, who sit in on legal proceedings and create verbatim transcripts, to police officers, who serve the public directly and enforce society's rules.

Each job is vastly different. Some of these professionals will deal with the public and a variety of other professionals, while others will complete their own tasks and interact with relatively few others. Either way, criminal justice and law professionals work together (directly or indirectly) to keep us safe.

Questions to consider

  • Do you want to be involved in the capture, prosecution or confinement and rehabilitation of criminals?
  • Do you excel in speaking, understanding and writing in English?
  • Do you have a strong desire to protect your country and its citizens?
  • Do you find the legal procedures of court cases interesting?
  • Are you a perfectionist?
  • Do you enjoy interacting with a wide variety of people?
  • Would you prefer a desk job or one that requires physical activity?
  • Are you a calm, rational-minded person when it comes to dealing with difficult people?

How you answer these questions is a good indication of what area of criminal justice and law you're more suited to pursue. If you have a perfectionist personality and an advanced understanding of the English language your skills may be best put to use in court reporting, where you'll have to create an exact legal account of what was said and by whom.

If you would prefer to work in a variety of locations and interact with others, criminal justice careers in policing will provide what you're looking for. Combine all that with an inquisitive personality and investigative jobs may be appealing to you.

If your main interest in criminal justice and law is keeping friends, family and other citizens safe, homeland security training will give you the skills you need.

Last but not least are the professionals who deal with criminals once they've been arrested and charged. Parelagals (who have gone through paralegal school) help put cases together so lawyers can try the accused in court and Corrections officers assure that convicted criminals remain segregated from society.

Criminal justice is just one of the careers you can pursue at the schools you find in our extensive directories of career schools.