Health and Beauty Related Trades

The business of looking and feeling good

Health and beauty service is a nearly infinite industry that is expanding all the time. More than ever, people are concerned about how they look and feel and how others view them, which increases demand for everything from facials, hairstyling and makeup application to massage and personal fitness training.

Trade schools in the health and beauty industry provide students with the training required to offer various services in skincare and hair care so they can cash in on the procedures that are hot now or are expected to be in the future.

Traits of a good health and beauty professional:

  • People skills - These jobs are all about serving the public. Those who don't like interacting with a wide variety of people need not apply. It's good for health and beauty workers to be empathetic, as they may be dealing with clients who suffer from physical pain or the emotional effects of conditions or physical characteristics they find embarrassing.
  • Business sense - Not all of these workers will go into business on their own or with a partner, but many do. Some of those who work for others will also benefit from business training as they'll be required to rent equipment (a hairdresser renting a chair in a salon) from their employer or perform management duties.
  • Flexibility - This applies to a number of aspects of the business. It can refer to a professional's hours, which often start early or end late to accommodate the needs of clients or their ability to perform a number of different tasks at any given time.

Massage therapy

Massage is all about relieving aches and pains, but it can also be used to provide general relaxation. Clients of this service don't expect to enhance their appearance, but massages can help improve posture and reduce stress, which makes people feel better physically and emotionally.

  • Massage therapists are becoming increasingly important in the preventative and alternative health care industries and students can expect excellent job prospects.


Everything from makeup application and manicures to hair styling and hair removal falls under the umbrella of cosmetology schools. These services are mainly about looking good but they can obviously leave many clients feeling better about themselves.

Personal training

Health and body image go hand-in-hand with personal training. People enlist fitness professionals to lose weight, get in shape or improve their health. But the best thing about it is no matter the client's reasons for working out, personal training provides all those benefits and more. Trainers have a hard job to do, but it's one that offers some of the best non-monetary rewards.

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