Hospitality and Tourism Trades

Service jobs in exciting industries

The service industry is a demanding lifestyle, but one that comes with many rewards. Many employees enjoy being part of an industry that caters to the public, whether they're on vacation, traveling for business, or just in search of a good meal. Some jobs will offer the opportunity for travel or perks such as performance-related bonuses, paid training or complimentary meals.

The downside for some is that many of these professionals work long, irregular hours in an often stressful and hectic atmosphere.

It's all about customer satisfaction

In a hospitality and tourism career one of the main responsibilities of all employees is keeping customers happy so they'll make a return visit or pass on positive word-of-mouth advertising. The negative experience of one customer can get repeated to countless of their friends, coworkers and family, while positive experiences are often less likely to be shared.

Anyone interested in entering a training program in the hospitality and tourism industry should possess several important skills and traits:

  • Good communication skills - Aside from being polite and helpful to customers, workers in this industry must often interact with coworkers, superiors and staff under their supervision.
  • Perfectionist work ethic - Some employees aren't required to deal directly with customers, but that doesn't mean the work they do won't affect how a customer experiences their meal, stay or vacation.

Hospitality and tourism school programs

  • Culinary and cooking - Aspiring cooks, chefs and bakers train in the basics of food preparation and sanitation so they'll be able to apply for entry level jobs in this industry. Programs that offer advanced training will more likely earn graduates better opportunities and higher starting salaries.
  • Hotel and restaurant - Hotel and restaurant workers who want to reach management levels attend schools that include courses in business and all aspects of hotel or restaurant operation.
  • Travel and tourism - Event coordinators, travel counselors, tour operators, international resort or hotel workers and many others in the travel industry are trained in a travel and/or tourism school.

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