Illinois trade schools

"The most average state" has above average trade schools!

The state of Illinois has a small but well regulated trade school industry. Trade schools in Illinois present graduates with excellent job opportunities in a market that will continue to thirst for skilled trades workers. From cooking to massage therapy, you can acquire highly relevant training in the career of your choice.

Illinois trade schools and career schools will help you get your career rocking!

For candidates who are looking for a specific trade in IL, check out these listings for career schools and trade schools in Illinois, by specific trade. On, you will find:

Our listings of trade schools are regularly updated, and you will find schools in Chicago and area, as well as schools in smaller centers like Deerfield, Bridgeview, Quincy and elsewhere throughout Illinois.

You're not alone while you navigate the world of trade schools. We offer a variety fo advice on related subjects such as a look at future employment opportunities in the trades and advice on finding the right trade school. As you investigate schools in your area, keep these factors in mind:

  • the school's placement rate
  • tuition comparison to other options
  • local employer opinions about the school
As you look around the school and speak with school staff, guage the vibes you get. Ask yourself, does this school seem to care about my interests?

There are many excellent career schools in Illinois. Many of these are very good at preparing students for the future. However, the career school industry also has its share of bad apples, who work aggressively for profit at the expense of students. Let's also note that other spheres of higher education seem to feel no compunction toward accountability, at all. (Colleges and universities never dare to promise that their education will be practical or get grads good jobs.)

If you don't see the type of Illinois trade school you are looking for in our list above, please take a look through our list of all trade schools. There, you will find many more trade schools in Illinois and throughout the rest of the United States.