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The editors of Trade School World welcome and appreciate links from related websites. Webmasters and others do not need to ask permission to create a link to Trade School World. However, we do ask that you appreciate our simple guidelines, as follows.

Using's standard link text
We prefer that you link to us using the link provided below. If you feel a more specialized link to a specific page would fit, that is also fine. But, if you are linking directly to the homepage, we would prefer that you use the text below. Simply copy and paste this code into the html of your site:

<a href="">Trade schools and career information</a> is all at Trade School World. <br />Check it out today!<br /><br />

Linking to the right content
This website contains many pages, widgets and features. If you want to link to a specific feature, please use the navigation to go to that feature's page then use that page's specific url in your link.

Exchanging links does not consider exchanging links with other websites as this contradicts Google's webmaster guidelines. Please do not bother us with requests.