Sites we like, along with some unsolicited advice on how to create a good life.

Keep a great balance!

Portal on private schools in Canada for international boarding students, Montessori schools and much more. This is a simply excellent resource on all things related to private education.

Portal on retirement homes in Canada, with advice, background information and listings. This site is gettingbetter all the time.

Portal on Jobsite supply, tool chests and boxes, truck tool boxes, tool storage, surveying equipment and anything else you might need for the jobsite, (once you graduate from a construction trade school!)

A usability company in Toronto, Interpix Design, has helped us out here and elsewhere numerous times over the years. We recommend their services.

CheapFobs provides a variety of consumer advice and copious listings of remote keyless entry fobs, starters and related products just coming onto the market. Excellent resource for anything even remotely cool (haha).

Starting your own business? There are many ways to save money, and if your business gets to be big enough, you will want to optimize savings on healthcare payouts. You might need help with healthcare cost management and related services offered by PHX.

After you get rich from a life in the trades and your kids are grown up and your second marriage is failing and your just bored of a lot of things, you might want to take up collecting. We recommend antique beer items as a very cool way to live out your days... collecting things like beer signs, beer ads and posters, cans (yes, they can be awesome) and any other kind of beer collectables. And if you're really rich? Collect some of the very coolest watches you can find anywhere, including mens gq watches, in terms of good old fashioned wrist watches.

One more site, peeps. Here's the best advice we have for how to live long: Have fun on the weekend, outdoors, releasing pent up aggression in an extremely healthy way. Play paintball. It's awesome, we all know. And it's best to buy your own paintball guns. It's all part of keeping a good work-life balance.

A fitness website called allows you to pair up with a virtual fitness trainer, get all the goods on fitness equipment and - most of all - get fit with other fitness-minded people.

Remember a great career is only part of a great life. It is a great foundation on which to build, certainly. But a great life? That's up to you.