Nursing Assistant Employment Outlook

Nursing on the rise

Wondering what to expect from a career in nursing? If you're like most students, you're wondering about what the industry will look like, what kind of jobs will be available, and most of all – what you'll get paid. We've prepared a job outlook to help you determine what your career path will look like over the next few years.

Job Salary
In 2006, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, nursing assistants were earning approximately $10.67 an hour. The salary per hour varied from $12.15 to $10.07, depending on where the nursing aide worked. The highest salary was earned in local government jobs; the lowest, in community care facilities for the elderly. Home health aides earned $9.37. The salary per hour varied from $9.76 to $8.87. The highest salary was earned in nursing care facilities; the lowest, in community care facilities. The salary is expected to go up as the years go on. Benefits are provided in some hospitals and community care facilities, but home health aides have a problem – they aren't paid for their travel time between home visits, nor do they get benefits.

Employment Change
Nursing assistants are in extremely high demand – in fact, jobs are expected to grow by 28% over the next ten years. Home health aides are expected to be most in demand – this is because we're looking at an aging population who will need help with their medical issues in their homes. This is also because consumer preference is for care in the home, and because home health medical tools are improving all the time. However, nursing assistants in hospitals are also expected to be in high demand, since hospitals will be dealing with the fallout from an aging population who needs long-term care.

Job Prospects No one said it was easy! Nursing assistants have a lot of responsibility – and that means that some people can't handle the stress of such a demanding job. The replacement rate is high in the nursing assistant field – but it also means that there's room for people who are really passionate about it. As the job prospects climb, so too will the salary, hopefully. Hospitals, home care services, and anyplace a nursing assistant works are very eager for new blood. Show them what you've got and realize your own dreams!