Practical Nursing Employment Outlook

What you can expect from an LPN career

We're all looking for a career that's not only rewarding, but demanding. Practical nurses are some of the stars of the medical world, and their jobs are in high demand.

Are you thinking about becoming a practical nurse? You'll be joining a group of wonderful people who do a lot of good for their patients. This job outlook takes a look at the salary, employment changes, and job prospects there are for this career path.

Practical Nursing Job Salary
A practical nurse can make quite a good salary – they do a lot of work, but they tend to get paid rather well. In 2006, practical nurses made a median salary of $36,550, according to the U.S. Department of Labor statistics. The highest salary was $42,110 by employment services, and the lowest was $32,710 by physician's offices. However, the highest 10% of practical nurses made $50,480 a year – it all depends on where you get hired.

Employment Change Projections ofr Practical Nursing
Jobs for practical nurses are expected to grow by 14% over the next ten years, which is faster than the normal occupational growth rate. This is because we are facing an aging population, and therefore need people who are willing to perform all the duties of a practical nurse and not be too stressed out. Employment of practical nurses in hospitals is expected to decline, because many medical procedures can be performed in physicians' offices now. However, LPNs will be needed in these offices to help with these medical procedures. They will also be needed in nursing care facilities and home health care services, as most consumers prefer to be treated at home, if at all possible.

The True Job Prospects in Practical Nursing
Because becoming a practical nurse and performing so much for patients can be stressful, many people leave the occupation permanently, either to move on or to change their career. Home health care services and physicians' offices will need the most LPNs; however, hospitals may see a decline in the need for practical nurses.

To be a practical nurse requires patience and caring – it's not an easy job, but it certainly is rewarding. You're the primary caregiver for many patients and you carry a lot of responsibility. However, it's very rewarding to know that you're helping so many people. Get started in your practical nursing career now!