Registered Nursing Careers

On the fast track to becoming a registered nurse

Nursing is such a wide specialty that even if you're a little bit medically inclined, you can find a high-flying profession that's right for you. Registered nurses and nursing assistant are the largest nursing occupation in the health care industry – over 59% work in hospitals. They comprise most of patient care and education, and work in a variety of settings, from public health units to community care facilities. Plus, registered nurses are one of the most in-demand jobs in the industry – as an aging population requires more and more medical care, so the medical industry needs caring, eager people to take on the jobs and procedures needed to care for these people.

Careers through Registered Nursing
There are several careers that you, as a registered nursing student, can get into. They all require different levels of education, from college to university, or sometimes both, but you can become:
• A registered nurses – these nurses are responsible for nursing services, safety and health education, patients and their care
• A registered practical nurse – these nurses are responsible for medicating, feeding, bathing, dressing, and moving patients to appointments and procedures. They may also help with procedures and with respiratory-compromised patients
• A certified nursing assistant – like a registered nursing assistant, only certified through a college program.

Registered nurses also have the ability to become full-fledged registered nurses. Several universities and colleges have teamed up to make this happen – students get taught by registered nurses and teachers, and come out with a university degree in nursing. A registered nurse gets paid more and has more responsibility than a nursing assistant.

As a registered nurse, you'd be partly responsible for a number of different programs and medical procedures, depending on where you work. Do you want to work with the public? RNs in public health put together vaccination programs and help educate about communicable diseases and hygiene issues. RNs in hospitals take care of patients and have different specialties.

Nursing is an excellent, in-demand career – learn more about it and maybe you'll be the one in the nurse's hat!

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