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CDI College name change and more thoughts on Corinthian Colleges

December 16th, 2007 · 2 Comments

CDI College in Canada announced that it has changed names to Everest College of Business, Technology and Health Care. CDI/ Everest is part of Corinthian Colleges which has suffered some controversy as noted elsewhere in this blog. And in fact, if you Google CDI College, page one of results turns up several blogs and a forum that rails against CDI as a “rip off,” etc. (This might make one wonder if this might be part of the reason for the name change.)

According to one of the forum’s participants, CDI originally stood for Control Data Institute and was a strong school for tech-related education. Later, it changed the meaning of the acronym to Career Development Institute, presumably so that it could offer broader education. The poster warns, the school is “just a shadow of it’s [sic] former self” and he recommends not taking any courses there.

We at the Trade UP! readily quote all this opinion. But we also wonder, what education institution in the world can promise its grads that they will get jobs or that they will make x amount of money per year? Understand that in no way are we endorsing deception or anything of the like, as is alleged against some Corinthian Colleges. And we also want to remind readers that while CDI/Everest/Corinthian College do advertise here, that does not mean that we endorse that school or any other schools advertised on this site.

But we can also tell you that we have many friends who went to university and ended up flipping burgers. And they don’t seem to complain about getting “ripped off.” And they were usually in a lot more debt than the average CDI graduate ever was. Lots of CDI grads have ended up with very good jobs as have many university grads. Others haven’t fared so well, coming from either school.

It’s an old cliché but there are no guarantees in life.

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  • 1 Andre Clarke // Feb 21, 2008 at 4:16 pm

    I have applied to attend CDI college and I was not pleased with their screening process. I am a 24 year old that was thinking about going back to school to get into the Information Technology field. I saw a CDI commercial and called to inquire for more information. I stopped in to one of the colleges in Brampton, Ontario and took a look around. It seems like the staff there is only focused on recruiting as much people as possible and they are not concerned with anything else. I saw this, because they make the screening process extremely easy. I took the test, and it consists of about 20 questions. 15 multiple choice and 5 short answer. with 5 basic math equations. After finishing the test, I received a call within 48 hours letting me know I was accepted. The course I was interested in taking costs roughly $16,000 for a 40 week program, versus $12,000 for a 2 year program at a Brampton community college which included the option of 2 4 month co-op work terms that will be incorporated into the 2 years. After doing some research and comparing the course outlines of the 2 programs, I found that the community college (Sheridan College) had a more practical and hands on approach to the material. CDI has more of a cram-information in your head and test you on it a week later approach. Also, after speaking to several students who were attending CDI currently, I was discouraged in attending CDI, as the students complained that the teachers were not delivering the material in a way the students could understand, and they were not given much after hours help from the teaching staff. They also complained that many of the students were left behind and had to pay more money to complete the program.

    In conclusion, I dont recommend CDI/Everest for anyone wishing to go back to school for the Information Technology field, I believe it would benefit you more if you were to attend a community college or a well-credited technical institution or university with job placement/internship/co-op options. Thats my opinion.

  • 2 Jhuik // Mar 3, 2008 at 10:19 pm

    Very interesting. Thank you for sharing, Andre.

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