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Erin James, skilled tradeswoman

November 9th, 2008 · No Comments

We’re building a library of links to portraits of women in the skilled trades. Here’s the Michigan Citizen’s portrait of Erin.

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Skilled Trades Canada Week 2008!

November 2nd, 2008 · No Comments

November 3rd to 7th is a week set aside to honour skilled trades, with special events in cities and towns across Canada.

The launch will be held November 3rd in Ottawa at Les Jardins de la Cité, Pavillon H, La Cité Collégiale, in Ottawa. Students from the Ottawa area are invited to join Annie Beauregard, a Team Canada 2007 World Skills bronze medalist, Stacy DuBois of Team Canada 2009, along with representatives from the Canadian Hospitality and Service Industry.

Events from across the country will include “Skills at the Park” in Queens Park, Toronto, which will honour seven Ontario entrants in World Skills 2009.

November 3-7, events will be held at colleges and trade schools across Ontario. These will include two events in Burlington, Ontario, where The Centre for Skills Development & Training is holding two open house events. There is an open invitation to all interested parties (especially trade school students, other youth and their parents) to drop by the centre November 6th from 5:30 to 7:30 pm to find out more about the skilled trades. On Friday November 7, from 12:30-2:30 p. m., teams will battle in a friendly trades competition.

November 3rd, in Edmonton, Alberta, a Cardboard Road race will be held at NAIT. On November 4th, members of the Alberta World Skills team will be introduced in the Alberta Legislature.

November 6th in Newfoundland, a skilled trades luncheon will be held at the College of the North Atlantic’s “College Day”.

November 3rd in PEI, at the UPEI Field House, there will be a hands-on event called Career Options PEI.

November 3rd in Manitoba, there will be a Model Wind Turbine Competition at Red River College in Winnipeg.

These are just a few of the events and times. Check your local news for more events or see

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Lowes drops $1.5 Mill on SkillsUSA

November 2nd, 2008 · No Comments

The Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation will contribute $1.5 million to SkillsUSA this year, the largest single one-year corporate contribution in SkillsUSA’s history.

For details on local chapter grants, go to:

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Shout out to web design schools!

October 31st, 2008 · No Comments

Here at tradeschoolworld we focus too much on skilled trades to the detriment of the many other trades and trade schools covered on our site. For shame! as Abe Simpson might say.

Seriously, we’re going to try to move away from our focus on traditional trades and give more attention to the many other trades covered on our site such as:

With that in mind, let’s talk about something near and dear to our web publishing hearts here at tsw: web design trades.

Web design seemed to be taking a hit a few years back when all you heard about was companies outsourcing to Asia and Europe. However, in the meantime, the pendulum has swung back this way as companies discovered that they were often getting second and third rate work from second, third - and even first - world countries.

Web design is still a very viable career choice, a rewarding career that offers people the ability to be creative and to see their work enjoyed by the public. If you work for (or own) a web publication with proper marketing and promotion you can expect many people to see your web design work. So it better be good. 

There are a wide variety of web design skills that are still requirements including the following:

  • Website layout
  • Web technical skill such as php or asp and javascript
  • Website usability is still a viable field of training (see this link) that incorporates technical pieces like dev skills and design skills. It also allows you to interact with people including clients on one side and usability testing subjects on the other.

Trade school world lists a number of web design schools from across the United States. Hey, by the way, we are looking at a website redesign. Does anybody know a web designer willing to help us out?

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Tough times? Not in the trades…

October 31st, 2008 · No Comments

Are you looking at the current “economic turmoil” and wondering how you could be safe? While the current credit crisis threatens jobs, there are still many stories from all over telling of jobs available in the trades or that it is simply showing steady growth in a time where many industries are holding their breath or laying off and tightening up.

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“How about Pam the painter!?” ask tradeswomen

October 27th, 2008 · No Comments

Two women’s trade organizations rallied in St. Louis last week to discuss how issues concerning women in trades ought to be included in the political rhetoric today. The organizations, The Missouri Women in Trades and Chicago Women in Trades got together under the rallying cry “Enough about Joe the plumber … how about Pam the painter !” They want to steer the two major presidential candidates back toward key working women’s issues and cthe women speak; image courtesy of myfoxstl.comoncerns.

The turnout was strong and adamant about being heard. “I don’t know what the big to do is about Joe,” said Pam Crews, who really is a painter. Carpenter Beth Barton added, “When ‘Joe’s’ used to portray the middle class, it does not represent our nation as a whole. The candidates keep saying now’s the time for change and this is a new nation and a new day, so let’s use that…when will the candidates speak to all of us? If not now, when? If not in this country, where?”

North St. Louis County State Representative Gina Walsh, also a tradeswoman, said the demand for women in trades had the potential for exponential growth. With a hundred at the rally, this showed that there was a unified group with specific concerns. These issues include child care, equal pay and better access to jobs held by men.   

“I want to hear what Senator McCain is going to do for me and my three daughters.  I want to hear what Senator Obama is going to do for me and my three daughters…it would be a groundswell,” said Walsh.  “This is the beginning.  You have to start everything somewhere.”

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No Worker Left Behind Gets $100,000 Boost for Skilled Trades Training

October 13th, 2008 · 1 Comment

The State of Michigan’s No Worker Left Behind (NWLB) Initiative got a $100,000 boost from The Grainger Foundation. The donation will support training and education for NWLB students pursuing careers in high-demand traditional trades like HVAC and plumbing as well as emerging trades in the green sector.

Michigan Governor Jennifer M. Granholme said, “Grainger’s commitment to Michigan is extraordinary. It is precisely this kind of public/private partnership and investment in NWLB scholarships for emerging-sector businesses that will help us train highly- skilled workers for jobs in the 21st century economy.”

“We are proud to support this important initiative to reinvigorate the Michigan workforce,” said Grainger’s Octavia Matthews. “Grainger is excited to help with the retraining of workers throughout Michigan so they are well prepared as they pursue jobs in the skilled trades.”

The Grainger Foundation is funded by W. W. Grainger, Inc., the leading broad line supplier of facilities maintenance products serving North America and China.

Read more about No Worker Left Behind.

Read the press release here.

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The politics of skilled trades: a tale of two countries?

October 7th, 2008 · No Comments

This past weekend, Canadian prime minister hopeful Steven Harper (Conservative) announed that graduates of apprenticeship programs will receive a $2000 bonus if he is elected.

Said Harper, “We need carpenters, mechanics, welders, chefs, pipefitters and other skilled workers to build the roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure that keep our economy growing and our country strong.” He was speaking in St. John, NB, at the Carpenters’ Training Centre, a non-profit organization run by the province’s carpenters and joiners union and unionized contractors.

Okay, so it’s an election promise. But does this indicate a difference between two elections? From the US, we’ve only heard one peep about skilled trades and support for trade schools - and that was not even from a presidential candidate. (This is at least as far as we can tell, here at the trade up- feel free to fill us in if we missed something.)

The announcement was met with surprised applause by trainees in the audience. Harper also took the opportunity to opine that the skilled trades shortage was a sign of Canada’s economic strength and that the country was in a stronger position than its neighbours to the south.

Perhaps we agree, and the US is simply overwhelmed by much bigger problems to give any attention to something as ‘inconsequential’ as skilled trades.

“These guys have a job the day they graduate,” said Harper, whose government has previously brought in other incentives, including a $1,000-per-year grant and a $500 deduction for tools - all to help those in the trades.

Just less than 50 ‘Red Seal’ trades, ranging from hairdressers to welders, will qualify for the bonus.

Harper’s campaign co-chair, former premier Bernard Lord, called the promised bonus “very significant” for the New Brunswick economy. Lord added that while the province needs “doctors and nurses, we need plumbers and pipefitters and electricians, too.”

“It’s a great idea,” said one apprentice in the crowd. “Everybody can use a couple extra thousand, especially with the price of tools. We’re not doing this on our own money - most of us have student loans.”

Meanwhile, St. John Liberal MP Paul Zed pointed out that the Liberal party has already unveiled a $600-million program that will offer apprentices a tax credit they will be eligible for during trades training. “The Liberal program is cash in your pocket,” said Zed.

Learn more about hairdressing schools and welding schools Canada.

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Skilled trades shortage in mining

October 4th, 2008 · No Comments

We`ve talked a lot in broad terms about the skilled trades shortage. Here`s an article that points to opportunities in a specific industry, mining.

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Careers in Energy: Video Contest

October 4th, 2008 · No Comments

The newly launched Careers in Energy Video Contest is devoted to
putting energy workers in a new perspective through talent, creativity
and inspiration.

This event gives SkillsUSA members the opportunity to express
themselves positively — and provide education and support to their
peers — through the development of original and compelling videos
about the jobs at electric, gas, and nuclear energy companies.

Get the whole story

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