Trades in Creative Arts

Creative training for hard-working individuals

Creative arts schools draw many talented and ambitious applicants each year. But only the best students with the strongest artistic abilities will survive and go on to successful careers. Anyone who wishes to apply to a creative arts school should be prepared for high level competition and be ready to compete for jobs after graduation.

Arts and design

Traditional "starving" artists have been known to live below the comfort line. Painters and sculptors in fine arts must really be passionate about their work if they intend to become successful, because chances are there will be a number of years spent toiling before anything they produce gains recognition.

Professionals in technical design such as graphic designers will have a much different experience. Most will be scooped up after graduation and earn decent money while learning the skills to gain promotions. Unlike most classical artists they aren't likely to have artistic control over what they create. Art School programs include

  • Fine arts
  • Craft arts
  • Multimedia

Fashion and interior design

These professionals work in the two areas of design that have the biggest overlap between number of job openings and number of graduates. Aspiring fashion designers in particular will need a lot of perseverance and a solid education to gain the best opportunities. Interior designers should also be inclined to work hard but for different reasons. It takes a lot of schooling and work experience for interior designers to become qualified - up to six years total. Those looking for a career that requires only a certificate from a short online course before they head out and find a steady, well-paying job should rethink their choice. Interior designers are often still attending continuing education programs ten years down the road.

Film and photography

Photography schools and film schools have a lot in common. They both teach students how best to tell a story visually. Whether it's a photography student capturing a still image, a film student putting together a scene, or an actor learning to portray emotion through his or her movements, film and photography schools provide all the necessary skills.

As with all artistic careers, film and photography are competitive businesses. Education shortcuts, such as schools that only teach the basics or overly limited aspects of an occupation, don't do any favors for anyone. A school that doesn't provide the right skills will only be a setback.

Make sure you search listings like those found on this site with savvy and thoroughness, so you will end up at a good trade school.